Advanced Home Health

Home Health affords the luxury of receiving medical care in the comfort of your own home.

What is Skilled Nursing?

After a hospitalization or a serious injury, Skilled Nursing is the type of care that requires the presence and supervision of a Registered Nurse to monitor health and administer restoration procedures.

Skilled Nursing Care is different from what is referred as “custodial care” which is helping a patient to take a bath, eat, or dress.

Observation and Assessment of Patient’s Condition

Our skilled nurses are the most qualified individuals to asses the patient’s condition and respond accordingly. Nurses may take blood pressure, check vital signs, and run other exams as needed.

After the assessment, the Nurse works closely with the patient’s doctor to evaluate and manage the care plan.

Pain Management & Medication Management

Appropriate pain medications may be authorized to lower the patient’s pain and restore comfort. The nurse will also manage and supply all the necessary medications in a timely fashion.

Catheter Care

Catheter care is a very sensitive area for many people, and our nurses are trained to monitor and manage its effectiveness.

Ostomy Care

Ostomy Care manages the surgically created opening in the patient’s body to discharge waste. Our trained nurses will instruct the patient/caregiver on how to use the ostomy system.


Phototherapy exposes the patient’s skin to ultraviolet light. This is done under the supervision of our nurses. Phototherapy is used to treat diseases like psoriasis, where skin cells build up to create itchy patches.

Educating Family and Friends

Our Advanced Nurses are there to provide competent insight and counseling to the patient’s family, friends, and caregivers. We are able to educate the patient’s circle on his/her needs and future expectations.

Man having his blood pressure checked by a nurse

What does Physical Therapy Do?

Simply put, Physical Therapy helps the patient maximize physical function. Our therapist will come alongside and help the patient develop a plan consisting of anything from exercise to messages, to electric stimulation. Physical Therapists also train patients that need help operating wheelchairs, crutches, walkers etc.

Gait Training

One common aspect of physical therapy in an in-home setting is Gait Training. Special training designed to help the patient walk again. After a prolonged period of being bed-bound like hospitalization, many people must learn to walk again. Gait Training is hard work and requires perseverance, but is extremely important for the patient’s entire future.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a “hands on” therapy where the therapists will use his/her hands to work on the patients body. This can be a massage stimulating and stretching muscles or a push/pull movements to put joints into position. Manual Therapy helps the patient regain flexibility and heal faster.

Senior Male Patient Having Physiotherapy In Hospital

What is an “Occupation”?

An occupation can be a distinct everyday task or life skill that each of us perform throughout our lives – washing the dishes, cutting grass, painting the wall, playing LEGO (pediatric). However, when a person is recovering from an illness or is losing cognitive abilities, help is needed to aid the person in performing his/her occupations.

What benefit does Occupation Therapy provide?

An Occupational Therapist is trained to help the patient both physically and psychologically in performing his/her everyday tasks. Having a person close by, walking with you step by step in the daily routine eases the stress and reduces anxiety. Our occupational therapists are able to recommend and train the patient to use modifications like crutches or walkers for help.

Homecare cooking dinner for elderly woman

Speech Therapy – Restoring Language

Advanced Home Health’s care plan is comprehensive, and therefore it includes speech therapy – helping the patient restore his/her ability to communicate effectively. The patient may have articulation, fluency, or voice disorders that hinder them from effectively communicating with their peers and loved ones. For example, Apraxia is a motor speech disorder where the line between the brain and the mouth is disrupted. This may happen after a serious injury to the head.

Our therapist will engage the patient and lead him/her on a path of language development in articulation and/or intervention activities.

Restoring the Function to Swallow

Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder that occurs in patients suffering from a trauma or a recent hospitalization. This swallowing disorder comes in 3 different types: oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal. The speech therapist is equipped to evaluate and treat such dysfunctions and restore the patient’s vital ability to eat.

Advanced Home Health Speech Theray

Health is More Than Medical

When a patient is diagnosed with a serious illness or is recovering from an injury, our medical professionals, nurses, and therapists work hard to rejuvenate him/her to normal life. In addition to purely medical procedures, medications, and techniques, a huge part of a person’s recovery depends on his/her psychosocial condition.

Our medical social workers assess patients and determine their social, emotional, financial, and environmental needs. Then, our social workers coordinate with their interdisciplinary team and keep them informed on the patient’s unique needs and predicaments.

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Nurse Visiting Senior Female Patient At Home
advanced hospice social worker

Home Health services exist to help people recover from their illness faster, with less risk of infection, and more comfortably. Instead of staying in the hospital or a nursing facility, a person may transition to his/her home and still receive skilled medical attention and continuous care.

Caring for the Caregiver

One distinguishing mark of our talented and experienced staff is their eagerness to answer any questions and educate caregivers. Here at Advanced, we know how difficult the job of the caregiver may be – a daughter having to re-introduce herself to her mother every day, or a wife trying to care for her homebound husband. Therefore, it is our duty to walk alongside you and help you in any way we can.

Who can receive Home Health?

  • Your doctor must decide that you need medical care in your home, and make a plan for your care at home.
  • You must need at least one of the following: intermittent (and not full time) skilled nursing care, or physical therapy or speech language pathology services.
  • You must be homebound.
  • The Medicare program must approve the home health agency caring for you.

Homebound – This means that you are normally unable to leave home. A patient is considered “homebound” if leaving home requires a considerable and taxing effort, and the patient doesn’t go out very often or for short periods, or it is medically inadvisable. Generally you are unable to leave home without the aid of crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, or another person’s assistance. When you leave home, it must be infrequent, for a short time, or to get medical care.

Why choose Advanced?

We Bring Healthcare Home - Just see what our patients have to say:

  • Western Slope Health Center wishes to thank the incredible people of Advanced Hospice.  We are very proud to be in partnership in providing excellent services to those people needing intense love and care in the most heart breaking of times. Thank you Advanced Hospice. We love you all...
  • Patti is a godsend! I suffer from PTSD and it tries to sneak up on you and just talking with Patti about everyday things brings me back and makes me feel better. You guys are the best company I have ever worked with!
  • Sasha did very outstanding work on me. Very professional, make us feel like someone cares. Her style makes you do current exercises. Very very helpful with her knowledge.
  • If I was given a choice on a scale of 1-10, I would give your agency a 25!” WONDERFUL job, you all really made a difference!
  • I work in the health care industry and I work with many healthcare professionals. However, when healthcare hits home and personal you want the best care for your loved one.  Noni is not only professional and courteous, she is also a person with a great heart for her job.  I am blessed to have met you and was able to choose Advanced Home Health and Hospice. Your staff is dedicated to patient care, and is amazing, please a big thank you to everyone.
  • In November 2017 I had a cholecystectomy.  As a result, Josh arrived and did a marvelous job of working with my body to restore it.  He has been very supportive in working with me and has been enthusiastically helping me meet my goals.
  • Elisa’s treatment and professionalism was the best I’ve had since moving to California, I was presently surprised. We had a good connection, and she showed me exercises I didn’t even know were possible for her to perform.

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