Hospice Volunteer Program

What Do Hospice Volunteers Do?

Our hospice volunteers spend time with patients and their loved ones. They run errands and provide caregiver relief, companionship, and supportive services. They work alongside paid staff in every area including home care, inpatient, bereavement, spiritual support, and administration. Hospice┬ácannot continue it’s work without the effort of volunteers.

A True Desire To Help

It’s important for volunteers to be

  • Caring: Volunteers focus on the needs of patients and family members, and how to best meet them.
  • Emotionally Mature: Working as a hospice volunteer can be an intense experience. Volunteers must be emotionally up to the task.
  • Comfortable Talking about Dead and Dying: Hospice workers approach death and dying in an open, direct, and practical way. This can help patients face the emotional, spiritual, and financial preparations they need to make.
  • Committed: Volunteers are as dedicated to their work as health-care professionals.
Nurse Visiting Senior Female Patient At Home

The Work of Volunteers

Hold Someone’s Hand – Provide Respite for Caregiver – Write Letters or Cards – Provide Socialization – Read to a Patient – Create Memories – Play Cards – Watch a Favorite Movie – Make Someone Smile – Provide Tender Loving Care – Look At Pictures – Lend a Listening Ear – Share Stories

Becoming a Hospice Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of the hospice team.

A Woman Holding Elderly Hands - Hospice is A Service

Volunteers allow hospice to provide services it otherwise could not offer. They form close bonds with patients and their family members. Patients and families often tell volunteers things they feel they can’t tell their loved ones and help open the way for people to talk honestly. Volunteers may also grieve with the family when the patient dies. Seeing the family all the way through the patient’s death is part of the volunteer’s role, often attending funerals and becoming involved in bereavement counseling.

Below are the steps to becoming a volunteer. The process can take up to 90 days to fully complete. Please carefully read below the program requirements before deciding if Advanced Hospice Volunteer Program is suited for you.

Step 1: Application

  • Selection is based on open volunteer positions, skill level and if you meet position requirements/availability. If you are selected, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

Step 2: Screening

  • All volunteer applicants will participate in a pre-screening, which will be done with the completed application.

Step 3: Orientation/Health Clearance

  • Orientation/training is scheduled for 2-3 hours with ongoing support throughout your volunteer experience.
  • A tuberculosis test & background check are required and paid for by Advanced Hospice.

Volunteer Program Requirements:

  • One year commitment with a minimum of four hours a month.
  • Able to communicate well with persons of the same or different nationalities and/or cultures.

Want to Make a Difference?

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