Advanced Hospice Services

Advanced Hospice Nurses are registered nurses specifically dedicated to end-of-life comfort care. They are focused on pain and symptom management for our patients around the clock. In addition to serving the terminally ill, hospice nurses counsel and educate caregivers and family members on the needs of the patient, guiding them through every issue that may arise.


Our hospice nurses work as a part of an interdisciplinary team that develops and manages the care for our patients and their families.
Senior woman is visited by her doctor or caregiver
What does it mean to be an Advanced Hospice Social Worker? It means to be a supporter of our patients and their families. Our social workers are trained to assist our patients and their families on developing an individualized plan of care, researching ways to relief stress and anxiety by non-medical means, and connecting them with appropriate local resources.


We understand that our patients and their families may have financial problems. Our social workers are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide counseling in these areas, as well as coordinating possible aid from other organizations.
advanced hospice social worker
To help our patients cope with the end of their life, Advanced Hospice provides spiritual services by certified chaplains to promote spiritual and emotional well being. Our chaplains may also work with the patient’s clergy and coordinate spiritual nourishment and revitalization.
Our hospice volunteers spend time with patients and their loved ones. They run errands and provide caregiver relief, companionship, and supportive services. Volunteers are the backbone of our hospice team. They allow hospice to provide services it otherwise could not offer. Volunteers form bonds with patients and family members. Patients and families often tell volunteers things they feel they can’t tell their loved ones and help open the way for people to talk honestly. Volunteers work alongside paid staff in every area of hospice care.
a picture of our social workers
Bereavement is the time one spends adjusting his/her life after the loss of a loved one.  At Advanced Hospice, patients are nearing and passing the end of their life, leaving behind husbands, wives, sons, and daughters.


A loss of a loved one, even if anticipated, brings a slew of emotions and grief for surviving family and friends. Our hospice bereavement professionals and volunteers are trained to provide counseling and support by understanding the loss and compassionately walking step by step with surviving spouses, children, or parents.
Advanced Hospice bereavement

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a comfort care service provided to people who have six months or less to live. Hospice is not about giving up or about dreading death. It’s about focusing on life, living to your fullest potential – pain-free and worry-free.
Studies show that patients who choose hospice services live longer. Among the many benefits that hospice provides, the ability to spend more quality time with friends and family in the comfort of one’s home is invaluable.

Hospice Helps Caregivers

Sometimes a family member or caregiver may need a period of relief. This is known as respite care. For the patient, they are admitted into a nursing facility for a short period of time. Usually no more than 5 days.

Hachi The Wonderdog

Helping Hospice Patients Feel Better

Hachi The Wonderdog has been an amazing asset to our team at Advanced Hospice. Working with his human partner, our Chaplain Jeff Douglas, Hachi is able to bring peace and much needed joy to many patients at the end of their journey in life. Hachi has even stayed with his friends when they passed away.

Give Your Loved One Comfort and Peace

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