Advanced Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care provides the best quality of life for patients with advanced diseases. It focuses on the relief of suffering including pain and other symptoms while ensuring a patient’s dignity.

The Palliative Care Program also addresses the impact illness and diseases can have on a patient’s daily life.

Managing Difficult Symptoms

  • Pain management for complex cases where relief is difficult to achieve.
  • Alleviating other symptoms that may accompany serious illness or side effects of treatment

Planning for Future Care

  • Discussion of treatment options.
  • Support and assistance regarding treatment options.
  • Help interpret the benefits and burdens of care such as tests, surgeries, or medications.

Discharge Planning

  • Insure a smooth transition from the hospital to home.
  • Provide needed referrals for assistance at home or other community services.
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Patient & Family Support

  • Provide emotional support to the patient and their family throughout the course of their hospitalization.
  • Instruction about how to care for yourself or a loved one at home.
  • Develop open communication between patients, their families, and the healthcare team.

Our Palliative Care Team

Advanced Palliative Care Physicians specialize in providing comfort care to patients diagnosed with serious, chronic illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s. The physician’s focus in a palliative care program is providing expert symptom management. Our physicians lead an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals that closely work with the patient, the patient’s family, and the patient’s primary care physician to develop a comfort plan that matches the medical needs of the patient.

The developed comfort care plan can be managed alongside curative treatment simultaneously.


Nurse Visiting Senior Female Patient At Home

Advanced Clinical Pharmacists work alongside our physicians to develop an appropriate list of medications that would meet the goals and needs of the patient. In addition to consulting the patient and family on the use of medications, our pharmacists constantly monitor the effectiveness of prescriptions on the patient’s health, and make adjustments when necessary.

The distinct benefit of the Advanced Palliative Care program is that the pharmacist, the physician, and the patient work closely together to develop a unique plan for safe and rational use of medications.

Advanced Dietitians are an integral part of our interdisciplinary team built to provide a comprehensive palliative care plan to our patients. Our dietitians develop and implement nutritional plans designed to set our patients on the right track regarding their dietary habits. Although good nutrition alone might not heal serious illness, we believe that it plays an important role in restoring, and maintaining overall health.

Our dietitians educate and admonish our patients to make wise decisions regarding their diet. They work closely with the physician to constantly evaluate the patient’s diet and recommend adjustments when necessary.

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Advanced Registered Nurses for our palliative care department work much like our hospice and home health nurses – they provide exceptional comfort care to all of our patients.

Our nurses understand the physical, emotional and psychosocial pressures of facing serious illness. Equipped with the highest level of medical expertise, our nurses deliver industry leading palliative patient care.

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Advanced Social Workers work hard to do their part in ensuring our patients quality of life. They provide psychosocial support by counseling the patient’s family, directing them to local resources, coordinating economic relief, and ensuring that the needs of the whole person are addressed.

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What Do Our Palliative Patients Say?

  • Western Slope Health Center wishes to thank the incredible people of Advanced Hospice.  We are very proud to be in partnership in providing excellent services to those people needing intense love and care in the most heart breaking of times. Thank you Advanced Hospice. We love you all...
  • Patti is a godsend! I suffer from PTSD and it tries to sneak up on you and just talking with Patti about everyday things brings me back and makes me feel better. You guys are the best company I have ever worked with!
  • Sasha did very outstanding work on me. Very professional, make us feel like someone cares. Her style makes you do current exercises. Very very helpful with her knowledge.
  • J. Whaley was especially professional, competent, efficient and personable.
  • ..She was always prompt, met her commitments, and was flexible regarding my needs when I needed to change an appointment. Being a retired school teacher I know I drove her to distraction with my questions, but she was patient and humorous. I am indeed fortunate that your company exists, and that you employ such astute individuals.
  • They are wonderful people, very helpful and kind. They made me feel like a queen in my own house. Patient and wonderful guys, and good looking like my husband Bob.
  • Thank you very much for the services that I got. The guy - physical therapist returned me to life. He put me on my legs that I can walk now.

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